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Asher Farris, CCHt is the Leader in Psychodynamic Subconscious Transformation

Asher Farris achieves rapid and life-changing results through a single, cohesive approach that integrates multiple advanced methodologies. By blending subconscious behaviorism, clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral interventions, cutting-edge neuroscience, and psychodynamic transformational psychology, his psychologically holistic and innovative approach succeeds where other practitioners, programs, coaches, and therapists have not. Contact Asher Farris, CCHt today to ensure you receive the outcomes you rightfully deserve.

Why Am I Qualified To Do This Work?

For more than 20 years Asher Farris, CCHt has been a pioneer in the integration of several fields of psychological and neurological study into a comprehensive approach designed to create rapid resolutions for acute emotional issues and their underlying subconscious causes.

Asher specializes in succeeding where traditional therapists, "coaches", and standard psychological approaches have failed. He does this using a methodology developed over the past two decades that simultaneously addresses the conscious, subconscious, and environmental levels of human behavior in a way that creates generative change and lasting lifelong results. Asher also currently serves as the President of The International Institute of Psychodynamic Sciences where he also teaches classes in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Subconscious Behaviorism, and Cognitive Behavioral Coaching. He is a lifelong student and educator, having previously taught these modalities at several top state-licensed and international certified schools and institutes.

Asher's exceptional success rate with clients has also led to him providing expert insight on over 40 national and international radio programs and podcasts. He has also appeared as a guest expert offering insight on multiple national television programs. The work Asher does not only brings about life-changing results but is also accomplished in a fraction of the time compared to other practitioners.

However, it is not just Asher's experience and expertise that sets him apart. His commitment to his clients' success, or as he puts it, "your results are my passion", is what truly distinguishes his philosophy and career.

Additional Training and Continuing Education:

National Institute for the Clinical Practice of Behavioral Medicine: The Neurobiology of Trauma.

Cognitive Behavioral & Neuro-Semantic Interventions

Credentials & Training

Licensed Subconscious Behaviorist

Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Board Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

Board Credentialed Hypnotherapy Instructor & Examiner

Licensed Masters Level Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner & Licensed Trainer & Educator

Certified Business & Marketing Coach

Modalities & Theoretical Orientations

Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy

Ericksonian Conversational Hypnotherapy

Object Relations Mental Health Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Transactional Analysis

Imago Relationship Dynamics

Eye Movement Therapy

Brief Solution Focused Modalities

Emotionally Focused Processing/Hypnotherapy

Meridian Therapies

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Intrapersonal Gestalt Subconscious Behaviorism & Family Systems Hypnotherapy

Learn About Our Virtual Session Delivery Platform

In the modern era we expect to be able to participate in services remotely, but therapy, hypnotherapy, and coaching sessions have been one area in which the effectiveness of virtual services have lagged behind. Asher Farris' Virtual Session Delivery Platform is not only just as effective as in-person appointments. Find out more about how it works here!

Hypnosis Myths & Misconception

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The Psychology & Neurology of Willpower, Habit Creation, & Results

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What Asher's Clients Say


He's very intelligent and experienced. I would recommend him to anyone who feels "stuck". He really gets to the root of the problem so expect to do some work! Totally worth it!

Michael M.

Asher is foremost a professional at his craft. He understands, through his many years of experience, much about what you are facing before you know yourself. This skill allows him to craft sessions truly tailored to accomplishing what your goals are. The hardest part is letting yourself be helped and understand that you reached out to him for a reason. Cheers on everyone's journey!

Richard E.

Working with Asher has been a wonderful experience. I haven't had more productive progress with anyone else in the field of therapy. Not only has he helped me, but he has also helped me and my wife in our relationship.

My experience has also been very comfortable as Asher makes the process very simple and moves at a pace that is perfect for me. Very happy and grateful with everything about my work with Asher.

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