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If you are reading this, then there is a good chance that you are facing some kind of problem — a problem in your relationships with others, a personal struggle, a work problem, a family problem — whatever it is, it’s undoubtedly very personal and is causing you a great deal of emotional pain. You want to feel better, and you want something in your life to change. But this isn't the first time you've reached out for help, only to find in the end that the person, program, or approach you chose wasn't able to deliver the resolution you needed for these issues. So now, you may be wondering, why would Asher Farris and his approach be any different in helping you find the relief and peace of mind you desperately desire

The answer is as simple as it is powerful. That's what we do. Our practice is dedicated almost exclusively to working with clients who have often been in therapy for years, often even decades, with some having tried different practitioners over the years while others continued to see just one therapist, holding on to the belief that healing and relief might be just around the corner, even though it never came.

Our entire practice is about helping clients with previously hard to resolve issues achieve what they have often come to believe will never happen, healing the emotional issues that have caused them pain for so very long.

If this sounds like you, we'd like to invite you to schedule a private virtual consultation with Asher Farris, CCHt. We are confident that, like so many before you, after experiencing that single 45-minute consultative diagnostic session, you will no longer wonder what makes our services unlike what you've tried in the past or why this time will be different from all the others. Instead, we are confident that you will, possibly for the first time in many years, have a deep quiet knowing that there is a way for you to finally let go of the pain and issues that have held you back from reaching your full potential. Together, let's create the deep inner healing that will empower you to confidently move forward in the direction of your dreams.

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What Asher's clients have to say...

Unpaid testimonials from actual clients.

Patricia F.

If there's something you want to change and are looking for help, I recommend Asher. It doesn't have to take forever, in a short amount of time with his experience and with his encouragement, I have been able to make a number of exciting and positive changes in my life.

Jessica P.

When I came to Asher, I was in desperate need of relationship help. I was going through the worst time in my life. I didn't know what to expect or how it was going to work, but Asher is just amazing. He not only has been helping me through my separation, but he has also found other underlining issues that I never even thought was there. He is nothing but amazing and knowledgeable. I am still working through my issues but I am by far a lot better having Asher by my side. His expertise and mastery in his field has taught me to find strength and self-worth. Thank you Asher, you have definitely helped begin to shape my life to what it should be. I continue to look forward to treating with you. I highly recommend Asher to anyone looking to better themselves and their life.

Helen G.

I initially contacted Asher because my weight, which had always been a problem, had gotten to be a huge problem with my ability to enjoy life. I had no idea his help, wisdom and guidance would not only enable me to lose weight [I have lost 45 pounds, not all the way where I want to be yet, but getting there] but would also help me deal with the other things in my life that made eating so important to me. I am so much more a complete person, happy with my life, and with what I expect my future will bring than I would have ever thought possible. I don't know how he does it, but he sees through the static - I would have used another word, but I cleaned it up for this review - and makes me face reality and then makes me see what it takes for the problem to be fixed. If you think you might need a therapist, then you do. Friends and relatives can't provide therapy - it doesn't work that way. If you are considering Asher, please do yourself the biggest favor you could ever do, and go see him. My only regret is not finding him sooner.

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