Overcome Sexual Abuse & Childhood Sexualization

Childhood sexual abuse is one of the most violating and tragic experiences an individual can endure. Victims are often affected throughout their lives, both in ways they recognize and in unconscious feelings and behaviors that they don't. Healing the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse has been a major focus of Asher Farris's private practice for the past 24 years.

Childhood sexual abuse often results in feelings of shame, guilt, worthlessness, and a lack of trust in others and ourselves. It can lead to sexual issues, relationship problems, and with victims believing that they don't deserve to be truly loved for who they are. Unfortunately, many victims repress or suppress these memories and are not consciously aware of the childhood abuse's negative impact on their current lives.

Most of our core beliefs about ourselves, specifically regarding our self-worth and value, as well as our sense of safety in relating to others, are formed during childhood. During this critical period, experiences can deeply imprint on our subconscious, either positively or negatively, leading to persistent painful emotions without appropriate intervention.

If you're ready to break free from the ways sexual trauma has been holding you back from fully experiencing life, contact Asher Farris, CCHt. His process will empower you to align your conscious and subconscious minds toward healing these painful wounds. You will quickly find yourself letting go of any internalized fear and reprocessing undeserved shame, which will allow you to see the truth. This, in turn, enables you to move forward, reclaim your power, and reshape your world in any way you choose.

Asher's Integrative approach helps directly target these symptoms of Trauma from Sexual Abuse and many others not listed here: 

  • Flashbacks and intrusive memories: Individuals may experience recurrent, distressing memories of the traumatic event, often feeling as though they are reliving the experience.
  • Avoidance: People may go to great lengths to avoid reminders of the traumatic event, including places, people, or activities that evoke memories of the abuse.
  • Hyperarousal: This can manifest as hypervigilance, difficulty sleeping, irritability, or a heightened startle response, as the individual remains on high alert for potential threats.
  • Difficulty regulating emotions: Survivors may struggle with intense emotions such as fear, anger, shame, or guilt, finding it challenging to manage these feelings effectively.
  • Negative changes in beliefs and attitudes: Trauma can lead to negative changes in self-perception, beliefs about trust, safety, and intimacy, as well as distorted views of the world.
  • Emotional numbness: Some individuals may experience a sense of emotional numbness, detachment, or feeling disconnected from themselves or others as a coping mechanism.
  • Physical symptoms: Trauma can manifest in physical symptoms such as headaches, gastrointestinal issues, chronic pain, or other unexplained physical ailments.
  • Dissociation: Survivors may experience dissociative symptoms, such as feeling detached from their body or experiencing gaps in memory surrounding the traumatic event.
  • Substance abuse: Some individuals may turn to alcohol, drugs, or other substances as a way to cope with the emotional pain and distress associated with the trauma.
  • Impact on relationships: Trauma from sexual abuse can affect interpersonal relationships, leading to difficulties with trust, intimacy, and forming healthy connections with others.

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What Asher's clients have to say...

Unpaid testimonials from actual clients.

Josh K.

Asher has helped out a lot! He has helped me to become more confident and point me in the right direction. He also had a helpful answer to all of my questions. The hypnotherapy was a very interesting amazing experience, highly recommended!


I came to Asher one year ago because I wanted to lose 15-20 lbs. I had tried for around 20 years, off and on, to lose the 15-20 lbs without any significant progress. My sessions were mainly focused on me being in control of my eating and exercise habits. I immediately noticed results. Within the first week I was eating less and not feeling very hungry or feeling deprived of food. This alone was pretty amazing because have always put eating good food at a pretty high priority. Within a few months, I lost all of my goal weight and then some, and have kept if off for about a year now. In summary, I am very glad I have meet Asher and I would highly recommend Asher to anyone thinking about going to see him. I believe that Asher has chosen his profession because he truly wants to help and cares about people.

Harry H.

I was on the edge of throwing in the towel in February. I sought help from a therapist who only made my life more confusing. By May- in a last-ditch effort, I found Asher on a Google search. Within the first two sessions I had regained hope, and my life has shown steady improvement.

I credit Asher with re-positioning my life and showing me new and better ways of looking at everyday problems and how to deal with them more effectively. I whole-heartedly recommend Asher to my friends and family.

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