A Multi-Point Approach that Stops Relapses, Solidifies Results, & Reduces Resistance to Change!

One of the most important elements of Asher's approach is the understanding that change is easiest with the least amount of unconscious resistance and is achieved quickest by simultaneously addressing the subconscious, conscious, and environmental levels of human behavior in a way that creates generative change and lasting, lifelong results. The nature of generative change is such that, while resolving the primary symptoms, you learn additional internal skills and have emotional breakthroughs that create self-generating and automatic positive changes in other areas of your life as well.

While the symptoms of emotional distress might appear to be isolated to a particular area, the subconscious issues that cause them often negatively impact other areas as well. By alleviating both the symptom and the root cause, a long-term solution is provided that enhances more areas of life than the client realized would be improved when they initially began working on their stated goals.

Rapid Change Is Created by Working at the Levels of Conscious, Subconscious, and Environmental Contextual Levels Simultaneously

Continue to the "Learn About the Process" section below to read more about the three dimensions of change, as well as how and why addressing each of them simultaneously not only produces rapid results not found with standard approaches but also minimizes relapses, solidifies results, and enables all three to work together synergistically. Perhaps the most compelling benefit of this approach is that it continues to enhance your life by creating internal mechanisms that allow for ongoing positive life improvement long after you've reached your primary goals and are no longer actively attending sessions with Asher. Below, you'll learn how this synergy allows additional progress to become almost "automatic" as a result of simply processing ongoing life experiences through the new psychological paradigms that have been subconsciously installed through Asher's process using a combination of psychodynamic, subconscious, behavioral, and hypnotherapeutic techniques.

Additionally, click here to learn more about the specific reasons why the approaches of most practitioners never succeed in getting clients the results they want, and discover Asher's solutions to these problematic approaches that allow him to succeed where prior therapists, practitioners, programs, and coaches have left their clients still searching for the results they desire and deserve.

Learn About the Process

1 - How It Works

An Integrated Conscious, Subconscious, and Environmental Approach to Lasting Change

Most psychological modalities and theoretical orientations only focus on one level of experience. If mostly a conscious modality, like cognitive behavioral therapy, it often leaves the client "knowing" that the negative image of themselves is untrue, but not having changed it at the unconscious level they still "feel like it's true".

Whereas a purely subconscious modality like hypnotherapy can produce unconscious change and allows the client to emotionally feel relief very quickly, the client often consciously has no better understanding about the nature of their issues than before they began the process, while also not understanding "how or why" they are better. Since they don't understand "how" they changed, they believe that "change" came from what the practitioner "did in session" and not from within them. This lack of confidence in their own abilities to ensure their symptoms don't return without having to rely on the hypnotherapist, provides a new path for the same issues to begin taking root again. This leads to an ever-growing fear that their issues will return that they can't rationalize away since they don't understand what is supposed to keep them from restarting to begin other than "hypnosis" which rationally means nothing to them.

When this self-doubt, that is now also reinforcing internal self-criticism, is combined with the client re-encountering situations that were previous triggers for them, any positive changes are quickly undone. This often leaves the client with the same psychological symptoms and emotional challenges they began with but now with less hope of finding relief.

2 - Real Life Progress

Interactions With Your Environment "Patterns" and Reinforces Your Emotions & Behaviors

Very few if any therapeutic modalities place emphasis on the client's environment, which includes their relationships, career, financial situations, and family. Yet these are often the primary factors that triggers the start of the same problematic emotions and behaviors they came to the practitioner to resolve. In instances where these environmental triggers are not the cause, additional stress from relationship issues, financial problems, and career stress certainly amplify the negative thoughts & emotions they are already feeling.

When the practitioner doesn't specifically, conscious and subconsciously, work with how the client interacts with their environment, new changes crash against the reality of exiting sessions where they may feel they're making progress, straight into the same old life where time, other people's expectations, work stress and other real-world pressure forces them to quickly conform to the behavior that seemed to "work" backslide on any progress made.


3 - 3D Change!

The Process of "3-D Change"

The cornerstone of Asher's work is a process that focuses on all three of these "experience levels" at the same time. This "3-D Change" process keeps the progress achieved at one level from undoing the positive changes at other levels. Conscious work allows the client a deep understanding of what causes their symptoms and how to integrate these new techniques into the subconscious changes. The subconscious work becomes more powerful because the client's conscious understanding of the process builds their self-confidence, creating an emotional platform that reinforces and speeds up the deeper subconscious healing.

At all levels of the process, subtle changes in how the client interacts with their environment are consciously and subconsciously integrated into their behaviors. These new environmental interactions create self-reinforcing feedback loops that produce ongoing positive changes just through the process of living their lives. The client, having acquired the understandings and skills to realize "why" their symptoms were healed and "how" to resolve any reoccurrence, have the self-confidence of knowing they are the true healer of themselves.


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What Asher's clients have to say...

Unpaid testimonials from actual clients.

Kathy W.

I was so happy to find Asher, I researched him thoroughly and was impressed by his credentials. I found him to be extremely professional, informative and completely honest on how he felt he could assist me. With a few simple therapy sessions he was able to move my thoughts and feelings of motion sickness and fear into thoughts and feelings of peace, joy and love for my family.

If there is anything in your thought process that is stopping you from doing something in life you wish to do, I highly recommend that you contact Asher. He has the experience, accreditation and dedication to assist you with any of your needs through hypnotherapy.

Helen G.

I initially contacted Asher because my weight, which had always been a problem, had gotten to be a huge problem with my ability to enjoy life. I had no idea his help, wisdom and guidance would not only enable me to lose weight [I have lost 45 pounds, not all the way where I want to be yet, but getting there] but would also help me deal with the other things in my life that made eating so important to me. I am so much more a complete person, happy with my life, and with what I expect my future will bring than I would have ever thought possible. I don't know how he does it, but he sees through the static - I would have used another word, but I cleaned it up for this review - and makes me face reality and then makes me see what it takes for the problem to be fixed. If you think you might need a therapist, then you do. Friends and relatives can't provide therapy - it doesn't work that way. If you are considering Asher, please do yourself the biggest favor you could ever do, and go see him. My only regret is not finding him sooner.

Patricia A.

As one of the select few Clinical Hypnotherapists in Florida with a State Licensed Diploma I was fortunate to have Asher as my instructor and mentor, both in hypnotherapy school, and then additionally, after graduation, for extensive advanced tutoring. I already knew from my experience as an Acupuncture Physician, that having the best possible education in your field is crucial to your success. His credentials, experience and knowledge in a wide range of therapeutic fields, from Clinical Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Cognitive Behavioral Change & therapeutically applied Neuro-Science, helped to give my practice in Naples, Fl a cutting edge foundation for developing protocols and helping my client base exceed their wildest expectations. Today, I am a successful and confident Hypnotherapist with an outstanding success rate for my clients, thanks to the extra skills that Asher taught me. I am writing this review now as a "Thank You" as Asher has recently assisted me by consulting on several of my more difficult and complex cases helping me ensure that the clients received the exceptional results they expected. If you are looking for a Clinical Hypnotherapist to rapidly resolve any issues you may have, I highly recommend taking Asher up on his free confidential consultation to experience his work first hand. It may be the most life-changing and empowering decision you ever make for yourself.

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