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Would you like to eliminate your fear of flying? Asher Farris specializes in quickly curing fears and phobias and can have you feeling peaceful and calm on an airplane sooner than you may expect. Fear of flying and airplanes can be one of the most troublesome phobias because it restricts our ability to travel in the modern world. Even though you may know that statistically planes are actually safer than cars it doesn’t help stop the fear and panic when it comes time to fly. This is because the origin of this phobia is in your subconscious mind and quite frequently may not even have anything to do directly with airplanes.

Quite frequently, the fear of flying is related to subconscious issues concerning control and safety, often originating from hidden childhood memories of which you may not even be aware. After all, if the fear was actually based on the likelihood of you being in an accident you would actually be 29 times more afraid of driving (to be statistically accurate). Using Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and other Neuroscience and psychodynamic based modalities, Asher will work with you to uncover the hidden subconscious reasons for your fear, allowing you to quickly eliminate your fear of flying. If you have a fear of flying and want to enjoy your time on airplanes call us today and take advantage of Asher's experience and expertise in quickly eliminating airplane fears and flying phobias.

Asher's Integrative approach helps directly target these symptoms and many others not listed here

  • Muscle tension and tremors when thinking of flying
  • Heavy difficult breathing
  • Abdominal discomfort and intestinal issues
  • Heart pain and palpitations
  • Sweating, dizziness and weakness
  • Feelings of panic and anxiety

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What Asher's clients have to say...

Unpaid testimonials from actual clients.

Kevin O.

Asher is a great therapist. You talk to him every week and it's like meeting up with a friend with superpowers who can help you fix all your problems. It's amazing how he can look right through all the bs and help you really dig down to the core of the problems while still making it fun. It really changes the dynamics of self help. You no longer have a problem that needs to be fixed. Now your just another individual that's off the beaten path trying to get out of the woods and you've stumbled upon a buddy with google maps and a set of dirt bikes so get ready and enjoy the ride!!

Leslie C.

If I were only allowed one word to describe Asher’s gifted ability to get to the root of a problem and facilitate positive change it would be: masterful. I’ve been familiar with Asher’s work for some time, and was very happy when he began offering virtual sessions. I began therapy a week ago with Asher because I wanted to lose weight for the last time. The weight was only a symptom of my real issue. I have lost 6 pounds. I had no idea what a prison I had made for myself. After two sessions it is GONE. As dramatic as when the lights are suddenly turned on in a totally dark room. I had been there for so long, I didn’t even realize it. Being anxious and afraid to socialize resulted in a driving need to eat. Off I would go, looking all around thinking I must to eat something; ANYTHING! With multiple approaches at his disposal, Asher covers a lot of ground in his sessions. I feel like I have his undivided attention when I am there because he does not just listen to what you say, he hears how you say it,...with your entire self. He will return with “So, would you say...” and somehow he can perfectly articulate what I just struggled to express out loud. There is no hiding. Now I know, reaching my weight loss goal will be the least of the benefits. The reframing of my life after only two sessions has been so powerful I can only look forward to the next one as I discover how my life will unfold next.

Shellie R.

I wanted to write a review of the amazing changes I have seen over the years that I have worked with Asher. I have grown into a confident, assertive and loving person. I've made some great friends and have removed the toxic people that used to surround me. I've had some serious issues to work through and they are no longer triggers for me. Panic attacks were happening weekly and I now have none! Thank you for helping me after many therapists tried. The different techniques he uses gave me back my life!

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