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Welcome to a transformative journey towards discovering and accepting your strengths and owning the truth of all you are and can be. Asher Farris, CCHt, a renowned subconscious behaviorist and clinical hypnotherapist, specializes in helping individuals conquer the debilitating grip of imposter syndrome. With an integrative approach that combines the latest science in the neurobiology of change, cognitive behavioral coaching, clinical psychodynamic hypnotherapy, and subconscious behavioral interventions, Asher offers a path to those seeking to reclaim their confidence by enabling them to unlock the truth of who they are and integrating that awareness into the client's conscious experience in a way that stops their self-sabotaging and self-doubt and allows them to reach their full potential.

Understanding Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome can make you feel like a fraud, fearing that you'll be exposed as a phony despite your achievements. This psychological pattern can hinder professional growth, self-esteem, and personal fulfillment. Asher's unique approach addresses the root causes of these feelings, guiding clients to a deeper understanding of themselves and their inherent worth.

The Imposter Problem

Prevalence: Up to 70% of people experience imposter syndrome at some point, as noted by the International Journal of Behavioral Science.

Gender Differences: Research, including a Journal of Personality Assessment study, suggests women may face imposter syndrome more often, especially in STEM fields.

Professional Development: Two-thirds of women in a UK survey by Access Commercial Finance reported imposter syndrome hindering their career, affecting men significantly as well.

A Big Toolbox for a Proven Approach to Success

Asher combines several modalities to tailor an individualized plan that addresses and heals the conscious and unconscious causes of your imposter syndrome. His comprehensive strategy includes:

Ericksonian Conversational Hypnotherapy: Bypassing your conscious mind through multi-level conversations that activate your unconscious resources to focus on present day reality instead of processing through negative childhood perceptual filters. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy: Tapping into the subconscious mind through direct suggestion to reshape negative thought patterns and promote positive self-perception.

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC): Aiding in the identification and modification of distorted thinking and behavior that contribute to imposter feelings.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Techniques designed to change limiting beliefs and empower individuals to take control of their success by transferring abilities and positive emotional states from one contextual area of your life to the areas prone to imposter thinking.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): Utilizing strategies to release emotional blockages, reducing anxiety and stress associated with imposter syndrome.

Eye Movement Therapy (EMTh): Through guided rapid eye movements based on the most cutting edge neuroscience in memory formation, this process changes the way traumatic and negative memories are stored in the brain, reducing their lingering effects on self-perception.

Experience the Asher Farris Difference

  • Expertise and Experience: Asher Farris, CCHt, brings over two decades of experience as a subconscious behaviorist, clinical hypnotherapist, and educator in the field of psychodynamic change that allows him to leverage a profound understanding of the human psyche to achieve rapid results.
  • Personalized Care: Understanding that each individual's experience with imposter syndrome is unique, Asher provides personalized plans designed to address your specific challenges.
  • Holistic Healing: Asher's integrative approach not only aims to overcome imposter syndrome but also fosters overall emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being.
  • The Asher Farris Solution for You

    If you're ready to shed the weight of imposter syndrome and step into your true potential, Asher Farris, CCHt, is here to guide you on what will be one of the most rewarding journeys of your lifetime.

    Embarking on this adventure with Asher means more than just overcoming the shadows of doubt cast by imposter syndrome; it's about redefining the very narrative of your life. It's an opportunity to live unapologetically, where every milestone you achieve is illuminated not by the flickering light of uncertainty but by the radiant glow of self-belief. In this rejuvenated existence, your accomplishments are never dimmed by the clouds of doubt. Instead, they're celebrated with genuine enthusiasm and acknowledged with the profound respect they deserve.

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    What Asher's clients have to say...

    Unpaid testimonials from actual clients.

    Sheryle W.

    Asher is extremely knowledgeable and has exceeded my expectations regarding coaching and hypnosis. He helps to keep me on track and accountable. I highly recommend him!

    Leslie C.

    If I were only allowed one word to describe Asher’s gifted ability to get to the root of a problem and facilitate positive change it would be: masterful. I’ve been familiar with Asher’s work for some time, and was very happy when he began offering virtual sessions. I began therapy a week ago with Asher because I wanted to lose weight for the last time. The weight was only a symptom of my real issue. I have lost 6 pounds. I had no idea what a prison I had made for myself. After two sessions it is GONE. As dramatic as when the lights are suddenly turned on in a totally dark room. I had been there for so long, I didn’t even realize it. Being anxious and afraid to socialize resulted in a driving need to eat. Off I would go, looking all around thinking I must to eat something; ANYTHING! With multiple approaches at his disposal, Asher covers a lot of ground in his sessions. I feel like I have his undivided attention when I am there because he does not just listen to what you say, he hears how you say it,...with your entire self. He will return with “So, would you say...” and somehow he can perfectly articulate what I just struggled to express out loud. There is no hiding. Now I know, reaching my weight loss goal will be the least of the benefits. The reframing of my life after only two sessions has been so powerful I can only look forward to the next one as I discover how my life will unfold next.

    Shellie R.

    I wanted to write a review of the amazing changes I have seen over the years that I have worked with Asher. I have grown into a confident, assertive and loving person. I've made some great friends and have removed the toxic people that used to surround me. I've had some serious issues to work through and they are no longer triggers for me. Panic attacks were happening weekly and I now have none! Thank you for helping me after many therapists tried. The different techniques he uses gave me back my life!

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