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Among the "the threatening three", worry, anxiety, and panic, panic attacks are identified as the most acute and intensely distressing experience, standing out from the other two due to their sudden and overwhelming nature. Asher Farris will help you understand that the intensity and unpredictability of panic attacks are often underpinned by a significant amount of subconsciously suppressed material. This suggests that the roots of panic attacks lie deeper within the psyche than those of worry and anxiety, making them particularly challenging to address using conventional approaches.

Asher's pioneering multi-modality approach to resolving panic issues sets him apart in the field, offering a beacon of hope where traditional therapies may fall short. By focusing on uncovering the origins of panic attacks, Asher's methodology seeks to heal the root cause of the distress rather than merely managing symptoms. This approach involves a blend of techniques designed to access and resolve the deeply buried subconscious material that fuels the panic. Through this targeted process, Asher's clients experience rapid relief from panic attacks, achieving a level of understanding and healing that transforms their relationship with fear and their beliefs about their ability to overcome what they previously may have seen as unsurmountable. Where most therapists and coaches often rely on coping mechanisms or surface-level interventions, Asher Farris' subconscious-focused strategy provides a more profound, lasting resolution to the debilitating cycle of panic, anxiety, and worry.

 Key Takeaways About Panic Attacks:
  1. Panic Attacks are the most intense of "The Threatening Three".
  2. Due to their intensity, panic attacks are typically the most directly driven by subconscious belief systems of which the sufferer is not fully consciously aware.
  3. Panic attacks are often triggered by "subconscious symbols", which are people, objects or situations that are a "stand in" for subconsciously suppressed trauma. 

Progression of Decreased Consciousness as Fear Grows



Worry is primarily a cognitive process that involves negative thoughts about potential future events or outcomes and tends to be more manageable and less intense than anxiety or panic. While worry is often specific and focused on identifiable concerns or problems, it becomes more driven by subconscious elements as it grows more intense, frequent, and less grounded in reasons that objectively justify such a level of ongoing concern.



As the connections between anxiety and its initial causes become more elusive, with its underlying factors becoming increasingly submerged in the subconscious, the breadth of the anxiety experience expands and is experienced as more complex and difficult to manage. This intricacy emphasizes the sophisticated character of anxiety, illustrating its ability to go beyond mere worry and profoundly affect individuals on a comprehensive and multi-layered level.



Among worry, anxiety, and panic, panic is the most intensely driven by subconscious causes. Panic attacks can be so sudden, overwhelming, and uncontrollable in their intensity that it's often difficult, in retrospect, to determine what triggered them. Unlike worry, which revolves around specific, identifiable concerns, and anxiety, which can stem from a broader range of identifiable or vague stimuli, panic attacks can erupt without a clear, immediate cause, suggesting a deep-rooted link to subconscious processes.

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Michael M.

Asher is foremost a professional at his craft. He understands, through his many years of experience, much about what you are facing before you know yourself. This skill allows him to craft sessions truly tailored to accomplishing what your goals are. The hardest part is letting yourself be helped and understand that you reached out to him for a reason. Cheers on everyone's journey!

Jessica P.

When I came to Asher, I was in desperate need of relationship help. I was going through the worst time in my life. I didn't know what to expect or how it was going to work, but Asher is just amazing. He not only has been helping me through my separation, but he has also found other underlining issues that I never even thought was there. He is nothing but amazing and knowledgeable. I am still working through my issues but I am by far a lot better having Asher by my side. His expertise and mastery in his field has taught me to find strength and self-worth. Thank you Asher, you have definitely helped begin to shape my life to what it should be. I continue to look forward to treating with you. I highly recommend Asher to anyone looking to better themselves and their life.


He's very intelligent and experienced. I would recommend him to anyone who feels "stuck". He really gets to the root of the problem so expect to do some work! Totally worth it!

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