Tailored Session Types to Precisely
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Unlike many therapists, coaches, hypnotherapists and other types of practitioners, Asher's sessions aren't "one-size-fits-all". The issues & challenges we want to resolve are often multifaceted and require targeting specific session types at different "areas of the problem" exactly when needed based on where you are at in your process.

This approach to sessions promises more than just progress—it offers a renaissance of the self, where significant transformations occur quickly as deep-seated challenges are brought into the light of awareness, empowering you to break free from old cycles and embrace a future filled with realized potential, deep fulfillment, and newfound joy.

The session types below are used in combination with each other based on what you most need at each point on your journey to synergistically provide you with an experience of rapid progress unlike anything you've experienced before. Each session is a laser-focused journey into your inner workings, meticulously crafted to lift the fog of confusion, illuminate the path forward, and give you the tools to quickly reach your goals. Whether you're grappling with childhood trauma, imposter syndrome, subconscious self-sabotage, emotional eating, decision fatigue, emotional blockages, or simply seeking direction, these sessions are your express lane to clarity, motivation, progress, and finally experiencing the life you deserve.

The Problem: One Size
Doesn't Fits All

The path to self-improvement is not one-size-fits-all; it demands tailored approaches to meet diverse needs. At times, a deep psychodynamic session is essential to unravel the roots of your feelings and behaviors. On other occasions, a brief session aimed at maintaining motivation and progress between appointments may suffice. There are also times when guidance on practical life choices or strategies for advancing in your business is what you need most. By offering a variety of session types, precisely aligned with your needs at the right moments, we empower you to achieve growth in ways that therapists and coaches with a one-session-fits-all approach cannot.

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Psychodynamic "R & R"

Psychodynamic Reprocessing & Repatterning sessions transcend traditional methods by simultaneously engaging both your conscious and subconscious minds, weaving together subconscious behavioral principles, clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral coaching, transformational psychology, and neuro-linguistic programming along with cutting edge advancements in neuro-science and self-directed neural plasticity. It's not “talk therapy”; it's a journey to the core of your being, uncovering and transforming the unconscious root causes of negative patterns and behaviors into stepping stones for growth.

Every minute of these sessions is optimized to catalyze a significant shift in your emotional and mental landscape, offering you the clarity and momentum needed to move forward and reach the goals that have always eluded you in prior attempts.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Dive into the depths of your subconscious with psychodynamic hypnotherapy, a transformative journey that merges the power of traditional psychoanalytic techniques with the profound impact and proven results of clinically applied hypnosis. This results-driven approach offers a unique pathway to uncovering the hidden roots of your deepest challenges, facilitating healing and growth that moves you towards your goals at an accelerated pace. 

By accessing the intricate web of your unconscious mind, psychodynamic hypnotherapy illuminates the underlying causes of your struggles, enabling you to understand and resolve them in ways and at a speed that conscious analysis alone cannot achieve. These sessions don’t just skim the surface but delve deep, offering insights, resolutions, and results that are both profound and lasting. 

Fast Focus

"Fast Focus" sessions are a groundbreaking approach designed to swiftly realign your psychological and emotional compass, ensuring you're not just on track, but accelerating towards your goals. In just 30 minutes, Asher will help you untangle the knots of your current challenges, offering immediate, actionable insights that help to clarify not only how you feel but what you need to do next to get back on track and accelerate your progress.

Beyond merely addressing immediate concerns, "Fast Focus" sessions also empower you with enduring strategies for self-awareness and resilience to add to your growing library of tools, techniques and understandings that you can use to enhance the rest of your life. 

"Push Past"

"Push Past" sessions are designed to swiftly navigate you through emotional roadblocks so that in just 30 minutes you can get past and move beyond what is holding you back in that moment. Whether you're grappling with panic attacks, battling procrastination, or facing barriers to taking the steps you know are necessary for your health and to achieve your goals, "Push Past" sessions are here to transform your challenges into triumphs.

 Leveraging powerful "Instant Change" modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, emotional reframing, and Fast Affect Regulation techniques, these sessions are meticulously crafted to facilitate immediate relief and progress, propelling you beyond the hurdles that have held you back.

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What Asher's clients have to say...

Unpaid testimonials from actual clients.

Tracy C.

Excellent experience, exceptionally skilled Hypnotherapist that helped get to the root of the issue for me and my mother.

Lacy B.

My experience here has been wonderful! I sought out Asher over a year ago for various issues in my life and can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is incredibly knowledgeable about anything that presents in our sessions and is always personable and professional. I had, albeit briefly, worked with other therapists before finding Asher but had not had success with anyone else, and owe several positive changes made in my life over the past year to what he has helped me learn.

Kathy B.

Asher has been a great find and he is without a doubt the most gifted therapists I have ever worked with. Within the first hour’s consultation he had pinpointed with straightforward and simplistic accuracy a number of key issues and concepts for me.

With ongoing consistent coaching he has helped me to realize, understand and change my own behaviors which in turn has made me a more happy and confident person. I would highly recommend Asher to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life.

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